Purchase NetworkMiner Professional

NetworkMiner Professional USB flash drive

NetworkMiner Professional is sold on a specially designed USB flash drive. You can run NetworkMiner Professional directly from the USB flash drive, since NetworkMiner is a portable application that doesn't require installation. We at Netresec do, however, recommend that you copy the application to the local hard drive of your computer to achieve maximum performance when analyzing pcap files.

There are two forms of licenses available for NetworkMiner Professional:

Additional costs for shipping/handling will be added to the invoice. Shipping costs vary between $ 81 and $ 191 USD depending on destination (US and Canada: $ 141 USD, European Union: $ 81 USD).

NEWS: You can now skip all shipping costs by purchasing an electronic software download of NetworkMiner Professional. Visit the Netresec Online Store to place your order.

We also accept payments in the currencies EUR (Euro) and SEK (Swedish Kronor). Please e-mail your request to pay in EUR or SEK to sales[at]netresec.com so that we can send you an order form for the desired currency.

All licenses are valid for 3 years from the purchase date.
Each purchased license will be delivered on an individual NetworkMiner Professional USB flash drive.

Process for purchasing a NetworkMiner Professional license:

  1. Download the NetworkMiner Professional order form
  2. Fill out the form and e-mail it to sales[at]netresec.com
  3. After we have processed your order we will email you a pro-forma invoice, which shall be payed before we deliver your ordered product(s)
  4. Pay the pro-forma invoice by bank transfer or with credit card
  5. Your purchased product will now be delivered to you!
Please also read our Terms and Conditions.

The NetworkMiner Professional order form can be used to purchase one Corporate License and up to 5 individual Single User Licenses.